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Why choose us?

100% of students improved by ≥ 3 grades
77% of students improved by ≥ 5 grades

commonly faced

*statistics based on the batch of 2021

Q: Facing difficulties in understanding concepts taught in school?

Our Educators break down clunky and difficult concepts into smaller bite-size chunks which make it easier for students to understand!

It is hard to do well in something that you hate. Our Educators aim to change student's attitude towards Science: Chemistry, Biology and Physics need not be scary. You might even love it :)

Q: Always scoring E8/F9s and wondering what is wrong?

Our Educators makes sure our students understand the concepts before moving on. The small class size allows our educator to personalize targeted help for each student.

Q: School teachers zoom through concepts at the speed of light?

Our educators have unique tips to minimize careless mistakes. You might have realized it is next to impossible to find your own careless mistakes, we will help you with that! 

Q: Always making careless mistakes

 Our knowledgeable educators will make sure that each child is well supported and we will give you a quarterly progress report so that you can track your child's improvements. With us, your child is in good hands. 

Q: Parents do not have the time or knowledge to guide the child in their studies.

Scoring between 60-69 and feeling stuck? This is usually because of gaps in your current knowledge or flawed understanding. Our Educators are PROs that can help you hunt down this gaps and errors. 

Q: Always scoring B3/B4s and cannot seem to get an A?

We hate things that we cannot understand. Our wise and patient Educators will be with you every step of the way so that you understand how it works

Q: Do you strongly dislike or hate Science subject?

Feeling disheartened because you studied for the test and you thought you did okay. Only to get a passing mark or even failing your test. Come over to our trial classes and our educators will share tips on answering techniques.

Q: Unable to answer Science application questions?

Our Educators are fans of the "pomodoro" technique, which is designed to keep students sharp and focus by giving small strategic breaks during class so that student can maintain laser-focus during lesson time.

Q: Unable to focus during lessons for more than 30 mins

Do our FREE diagnostic test and our Educators will be able to tell you why you aren't scoring the marks. So that next time you will ACE your tests :)

Q: Always feeling "I thought I answered the question already?!" but not getting the marks?

our Commitment

  • Small class size to ensure optimum learning for students

  • You will be learning under the same teacher through the school year. Rest assured parents and students, our teachers are committed and in for the long term.

  • Teaching style is personalized to match the student's learning style

  • Identify and fill up gaps of knowledge in students before teaching concepts

  • Lessons will be able to engage students with short attention span as well

  • Intensive Sessions (Nearing-Exam) is highly praised by past students 

Our methods

The DESK method:

Demonstrations | Experiments | Simulations

to scaffold


for understanding!

Our Unique Solution:

At Maverick Learners Lab we break down difficult concepts and make learning concepts easier. We make use of visual and interactive learning and relate to real life analogies to make learning relevant and interesting.


Have you seen when construction workers start to build a house, they put up wooden poles and tie them together, before they start work? These are call scaffolds! It is the same when learning, we need to build scaffolds of simple information before we can explain more complex concepts.


When school teachers go too fast in school, students miss out on a lot of information (and you don't know what you don't know), resulting in a lot of gaps of knowledge, our tutors are experts in finding these gaps of knowledge and filling them up. 


Get our passionate and knowledgeable tutors to help​ you today and improve your grades! 

Our Commitment
Our Methods
Our Unique Solution
Why Choose Us?
Free Diagnostic Test

Want to improve your grades? 

  • Taking the national exams this year?

  • Covid-19 disrupted your studying  mood?

  • looking for a conducive environment to motivate you?

  • Felt that your teacher rushed through the content during class?

  • Unsure of where you stand as there are no Mid-Year exams?

Take our free diagnostic test (Chemistry only - for now) and we will identify the topics and questions you need to practice on!

A Center For science
Primary | Secondary 

At Maverick Learners Lab, Your Child's Science Education is our priority.

Our Educators are passionate in teaching the Sciences the right way, 

this means bringing the theories to live through our hands-on,

"DESK" Method 


No matter if it is Biology, Chemistry or Physics, learning Science should never be just about dull memory work. 

Scoring will come naturally, when the teaching is done right. 

Science Student
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