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The origin of

Maverick Learners lab


The word "Maverick" was first coined after one Samuel Augustus Maverick, who was a Texas lawyer, politician and land baron. He was also part of the key signatories for the Texas Declaration of Independence. 

Since 1867, the word Maverick has been used to describe a person that is "Independently-minded"




The word "Learners" encourages active learning and our goal is to reform students that come to us to become learners that continue learning even after leaving the teacher and the classroom. Students are only students when they have teachers, but learners learn when taught by the teachers and continue learning by applying what was taught.





In our classroom, we believe that an education in Science cannot be completed without doing and witnessing experiments. The word "Lab" is our promise to you that experiments will be done to explain concepts. 

Putting the three words
⁠— and the ideas they represent —

Maverick Learners Lab

is born!


At Maverick Learners Lab we mentor students to be independent learners, to understand concepts through real-life use case, and allow for hands-on learning whenever possible, instead of just relying on memorization.

At Maverick Learners Lab, it isn't just tuition, it is an Education.

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