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  1. Q: Is Online Classes effective?

    A: Of course!
    ​A combination of online resources and tools will be used to give your child a classroom experience that mirrors a physical class.

  2. Q: Will there be training for using these online resources and tools?  

    A: Yes! ​You will be given video tutorials made by Maverick Learners Lab on the step-by-step guide on how to use each online resource / tool / platform.

  3. Q: What online tools will we be using for the online classroom?

    A: Zoom will be used as the primary video/audio conferencing platform (so that you can see and hear the teacher).

    We will access on a 1 on 1 basis for each student, on what kind of IT gadgets are available at their home (Laptop / Tablet / Ipad / Smartphone etc) and recommend a suite of online tools that will be easiest to implement for you / your child.

  4. Q: Will we need to pay for this tools?

    A: These online tools will be free for you / your child to use.

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